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NHIT Collaborative Announces Innovating for Underserved Business Plan Challenge at Spring Summit

NHIT Collaborative Announces Innovating for Underserved Business Plan Challenge at Spring Summit

30 years after the Heckler Report, the United States still faces deep disparities in health and healthcare, affecting underserved and minority communities.  And with that reality in mind, on April 22nd, The NHIT Collaborative brought together public/private and community stakeholders for their Spring Summit, Health Disparities and The Heckler Report: 30 Years in Focus- Game Changing HIT Solutions.  

Attended by an accomplished group of speakers and panelists, the summit highlighted the need for innovative, sustainable IT solutions as a tool for tackling continued health disparities in underserved communities. 

And in an effort to crowdsource those crucial solutions from the broader community, Bryan Sivak, CTO of US Department of Health and Human Services, announced the latest collaboration between HHS and the NHIT Collaborative- the "Innovating for the Underserved" Business Plan Challenge

Sponsored by The Aetna Foundation, the challenge is a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to compete with their best ideas for products and services that use technology to reduce disparities and address the needs of underserved and minority populations that are hampered by problems that health IT can easily solve such as access to services and information, language barriers and lack of relevant educational programs. 

The grand prize winner of the challenge will receive $40,000, with additional prizes for second, third and runners up totaling $35,000. 

Luis Belen, president of the NHIT Collaborative, said "I'm pleased to continue our close partnership with HHS and the Aetna Foundation as we work together to leverage health IT solutions to reduce health disparities and promote health equity.  I'm excited to see the great innovations that are brought to the forefront of the national discussion as a result of this challenge."

To enter the challenge or learn more, please click here.

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