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Strategies to HIT for Consumers in Communities of Color: Strategies to

Webinar:  "HIT for Consumers in Communities of Color: Strategies to "Leapfrog" Disparities in Access, Adoption and Use"
On Friday, November 15, 2013 from 12 noon – 1:00 p.m.

Our Focus

Understanding current developments and trends in computer technology and HIT use in communities of color (COCs).  Identifying barriers to consumer engagement and opportunities to overcome them. Sharing effective strategies to engage health consumers in managing their health through HIT.  Presenting recommendations for effective outreach and education to "leapfrog" current health and HIT gaps.


This webinar is the third in a 2013 series that highlights the impact of HIT on the underserved and health disparities.  The National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved (NHIT) works in partnership with organizations and individuals to assure that providers and consumers, with a focus on communities of color, benefit from HIT advances and resources. The October 29 webinar is co-sponsored by NHIT and some  organizations.

This event will focus on emerging trends within communities of color with respect to access to, as well as adoption and use of computer technologies and applications. These trends, which are described in a literature review/environmental scan prepared by NHIT, present new opportunities to close the digital divide, improve health and eliminate persistent disparities. Available data which document greater use of mobile technologies in communities of color portend prospects to "leapfrog" people of color toward the front of the line with respect to HIT adoption and use. Panelist will discuss these trends, identify barriers and recommend strategies to achieve "cutting edge" results.

  • Understand current patterns/trends for HIT access, adoption and use in COCs
  • Identify barriers to engagement among people of color
  • Discuss strategies/options to overcome these barriers
  • Learn about promising/best practices to engage consumers of color in HIT
  • Present and discuss recommendations to build on current trends and successes
  • Introduction and Welcome – Ruth Perot, Managing Director, NHIT
  • Setting the Stage/Overview of NHIT's Consumer Engagement Report – Danielle Brooks/Moderator, Policy/Research Consultant, NHIT
  • Engaging Consumers/Changing Lives - Cynthia Solomon, President, Follow Me, Inc.
  • The Promise of Mobile Technology – Thomas Maguire,  Director, Public Policy, Verizon Communications
  • Q&A – Danielle Brooks, Moderator
  • Closing Remarks – Ho Tran, MD, President/CEO, National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians; ;Member, NHIT National Advisory Council
Anticipated: 50-75 Attendees

Agenda- Time Frame

  • Introduction and Welcome – Ruth Perot  12:00 noon-12:05
  • Setting the Stage/Overview of NHIT's Report – Danielle Brooks  12:05- 12:15
  • Engaging Consumers/Changing Lives  - Cynthia Solomon 12:15-12:30
  • The Promise of Mobile Technology – Thomas Maguire 12:30 – 12:40
  • Q/A: 12:40-12:55
  • Closing Remarks – Ho Tran 12:55 – 1:00 p.m.

Recorded Webinar

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Webinar Presentation

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