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Findings from a study of stakeholder perspectives on participation in four local health information exchanges (HIEs) suggest that barriers to achieving data exchange remain high.
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Eight NCQA 2008 award winners describe projects in which they improved race/ethnicity data, increased language access, and engaged the community—all critical dimensions of quality improvement.
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Innovation is required to solve problems with access to care and the special needs for educational outreach for disadvantaged or vulnerable populations. This paper describes how parents use Baby CareLink tools to keep them informed and involved in the car
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Integration platforms: What are they and why you need them? This white paper presents the findings and analysis of in-depth interviews conducted with senior IT executives and system architects at four hospitals acknowledged to be industry leaders in their
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This study looks at two different models for helping independent medical practices in New York and Massachusetts successfully adopt electronic health records. Their efforts address overcoming key barriers such as the amount of start-up funds needed, produ
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A national initiative supports nine cross-cutting teams in developing new approaches to personal health records (PHR) that will help patients take charge of their health and better manage their care.
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This is a brief on how recording ODL can improve health and care, synthesizing ideas like personalized data for patients and changing health behaviors. The ultimate goal is to use data to understand the experience of an individual as he or she goes about
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Despite the clear benefits, health care organizations and physicians have been slow to embrace health information technologies, according to this report.
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This qualitative study from Kaiser Permanente looks at the keys to successful implementation, including: perceptions of the system selection, early testing, adaptation of the system to the larger organization, and adaptation of the organization to the new
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Common themes emerged from these case studies. They included challenges of ensuring the validity and reliability of data, efficient workflow, and staff support. However, the providers\' successes in implementing their respective EHR-based quality measur
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