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To help states further adoption and use of health information technology (HIT) and electronic health information exchange (HIE), the State Alliance for e-Health outlines in this first annual report six recommendations for state action.
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The authors discuss how the Internet is increasingly able to offer a viable medium for health behavior intervention, and the challenges and opportunities inherent in conducting online interventions and research.
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The use of the Internet to deliver Web-based interventions to patients is increasing rapidly. This meta-analysis looks at the use and effectiveness of Web-based interventions to encourage an individual\'s change in behavior compared to non-Web-based int
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The authors contend that E-health communication -- health promotion efforts that are mediated by computers and other digital technologies -- may have great potential to promote desired behavior changes through unique features such as mass customization, i
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This article reviews emerging technologies for population health. If appropriately applied, population health technologies may greatly enhance existing health intervention models. However, potential adverse consequences could arise.
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One of the key functions of the NHQR is to track the Nation’s progress in providing safe health care. This evaluation shows that from 2000 to 2005, the rate of improvement in health care quality has been slowing. Variation has decreased but progress is
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