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To help states further adoption and use of health information technology (HIT) and electronic health information exchange (HIE), the State Alliance for e-Health outlines in this first annual report six recommendations for state action.
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This paper looks at variations in reported measures that limit current knowledge of health care quality for American Indians. The Indian Health Service is enhancing its information systems to improve the measurement of health care quality and to standardi
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This paper examines some of the “gaps” in privacy protections that arise out of the current federal health privacy standard, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Privacy Rule.
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This publication provides a catalogue of resources, categorized by key words, targeted audiences, resource creator, subject area, media type, and website links.
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The whitepaper contends that interoperability is no longer a technological option, but rather a fundamental requirement to deliver effective care and ensure the health and well-being of millions of patients worldwide.
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Integration platforms: What are they and why you need them? This white paper presents the findings and analysis of in-depth interviews conducted with senior IT executives and system architects at four hospitals acknowledged to be industry leaders in their
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In this journal article, three UK researchers explore novel methods for helping patients to access and manage their personal electronic health data that are emerging internationally. Potential benefits and challenges are examined.
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The author discusses the importance of adopting HIT, the many barriers that currently exist, and the role of government -- particularly through the ONC, legislation, and policy.
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NHIT Collaborative Summary
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NHIT Workgroup Charges Chairs & Co-Chairs
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The article contends that health IT may be an integral part of broader solutions to address disparities in the health and well being of underserved Americans.
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This report notes that computerized physician order entry (CPOE) has been shown to reduce medication error rates, but barriers exist to implementation of CPOE. Government, employers, and insurers are called upon to share the costs.
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An expert panel was convened to develop a model national health information network (NHIN) that would be attainable in five years, taking into account financial, personnel, and technical constraints.
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Despite the clear benefits, health care organizations and physicians have been slow to embrace health information technologies, according to this report.
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