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This article presents the latest available national assistive technology (AT) expenditure and participation trends (1999–2002) for Medicaid 915(c) waivers. Most waivers with AT serve persons with developmental disabilities, and AT spending for that targ
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A working congress of experts developed a framework for a national communication and technology agenda to provide health care to underserved populations. This white paper looks at general recommendations.
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This study found evidence that several types of interactive consumer health IT were usable and effective in multiple settings and with populations of interest: the elderly, those with chronic conditions or disabilities, and underserved populations.
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The report finds that electronic health records (EHR) adoption rate in safety-net clinics lags behind that of traditional practices because of payer mix and funding sources. Barriers and solutions for EHR adoption for safety net providers are discussed.
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Innovation is required to solve problems with access to care and the special needs for educational outreach for disadvantaged or vulnerable populations. This paper describes how parents use Baby CareLink tools to keep them informed and involved in the car
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Is the “Digital Divide” more about “use” than “access” to the Internet? This article identifies personal and situational factors that predicted Internet use among African American women with incomes less than $15,000.
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The article looks at the strong barriers that prevent the financing of clinical information systems (CIS) in health care delivery system organizations located in market segments serving disadvantaged patients. Policy interventions that could help lower ba
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NHIT Brochure
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NHIT Collaborative Summary
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NHIT Workgroup Charges Chairs & Co-Chairs
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The article contends that health IT may be an integral part of broader solutions to address disparities in the health and well being of underserved Americans.
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This report is a profile of health disparities in Georgia and is intended as a tool to address policy issues that could improve health for the state’s minority populations.
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