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A working congress of experts developed a framework for a national communication and technology agenda to provide health care to underserved populations. This white paper looks at general recommendations.
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For the quality improvement department at large hospitals, tracking and reporting core measures are monumental tasks. As the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) agency increases its
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The authors provide an overview of the role that the Internet, and access to the Internet, may play in the genesis of health disparities, and the need for information technology to redress health disparities.
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The authors discuss how the Internet is increasingly able to offer a viable medium for health behavior intervention, and the challenges and opportunities inherent in conducting online interventions and research.
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Innovation is required to solve problems with access to care and the special needs for educational outreach for disadvantaged or vulnerable populations. This paper describes how parents use Baby CareLink tools to keep them informed and involved in the car
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The use of the Internet to deliver Web-based interventions to patients is increasing rapidly. This meta-analysis looks at the use and effectiveness of Web-based interventions to encourage an individual\'s change in behavior compared to non-Web-based int
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The article looks at the strong barriers that prevent the financing of clinical information systems (CIS) in health care delivery system organizations located in market segments serving disadvantaged patients. Policy interventions that could help lower ba
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A national initiative supports nine cross-cutting teams in developing new approaches to personal health records (PHR) that will help patients take charge of their health and better manage their care.
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The authors contend that E-health communication -- health promotion efforts that are mediated by computers and other digital technologies -- may have great potential to promote desired behavior changes through unique features such as mass customization, i
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This article reviews emerging technologies for population health. If appropriately applied, population health technologies may greatly enhance existing health intervention models. However, potential adverse consequences could arise.
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Nationwide report on the social impact of the internet on health care.
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The report notes that those with chronic conditions are more likely than other e-patients to report that their online searches affected treatment decisions, their interactions with their doctors, their ability to cope with their condition, and their dieti
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This is a brief on how recording ODL can improve health and care, synthesizing ideas like personalized data for patients and changing health behaviors. The ultimate goal is to use data to understand the experience of an individual as he or she goes about
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The article reviews the way the Internet had changed people’s relationship with health care providers. One possible next step is participatory medicine, a cooperative model of medical care that encourages active participation by all involved parties as
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To characterize access to, interest in, andrnattitudes toward internet-based communication in an ethnically, economically, and linguistically diverse group of patients from a large urban safety net clinic network.
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