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This paper looks at variations in reported measures that limit current knowledge of health care quality for American Indians. The Indian Health Service is enhancing its information systems to improve the measurement of health care quality and to standardi
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A working congress of experts developed a framework for a national communication and technology agenda to provide health care to underserved populations. This white paper looks at general recommendations.
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The authors provide an overview of the role that the Internet, and access to the Internet, may play in the genesis of health disparities, and the need for information technology to redress health disparities.
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This study looks at two different models for helping independent medical practices in New York and Massachusetts successfully adopt electronic health records. Their efforts address overcoming key barriers such as the amount of start-up funds needed, produ
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The article looks at the strong barriers that prevent the financing of clinical information systems (CIS) in health care delivery system organizations located in market segments serving disadvantaged patients. Policy interventions that could help lower ba
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In this journal article, three UK researchers explore novel methods for helping patients to access and manage their personal electronic health data that are emerging internationally. Potential benefits and challenges are examined.
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The authors contend that E-health communication -- health promotion efforts that are mediated by computers and other digital technologies -- may have great potential to promote desired behavior changes through unique features such as mass customization, i
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This article reviews emerging technologies for population health. If appropriately applied, population health technologies may greatly enhance existing health intervention models. However, potential adverse consequences could arise.
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The author discusses the importance of adopting HIT, the many barriers that currently exist, and the role of government -- particularly through the ONC, legislation, and policy.
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Despite the clear benefits, health care organizations and physicians have been slow to embrace health information technologies, according to this report.
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This qualitative study from Kaiser Permanente looks at the keys to successful implementation, including: perceptions of the system selection, early testing, adaptation of the system to the larger organization, and adaptation of the organization to the new
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Under the guidance of the Consumers Union, organizations including NHIT partners the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, National Partnership fo
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Brian D. Smedley, Ph.D., is vice president and director of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute and member of the NHIT Management Committee. When President Barack Obama met with the nation's governors last month
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By 2050, nearly one in two Americans will be persons of color. Currently, minority populations suffer from higher levels of chronic disease, have shorter life spans, and generally poorer health compared to the rest of the U.S. population.
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To examine enrollment in, and use of, an electronic patient portal by race/ethnicity, gender and age.
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